Device for Transplanting Retinal Stem Cell Grafts


­Background on CU5701H
Retinal degenerative diseases, like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), remain uncurable. AMD is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the United States occurring in 25% of Americans over the age of 74. Up until recently, the majority of treatments were drug-based therapies. Cell therapies in the form of subretinal cell and tissue transplantation are the frontier of regenerative medicine in retinal disease. Therefore, there exists a clinical need to develop new surgical tools to ensure cell therapy is a safe and viable treatment option for retinal disease. CU inventors have created a transplantation device for implanting retinal cells and tissue for the treatment of retinal diseases.

Technical Innovation
CU inventors lead by Dr. Marc Mathias have developed a novel device with a curved translucent tip and ergonomic handle to provide all-in-one foldable technology for minimal incision size, controlled delivery speed, no fluid reflux, and usability of loading and in vivo reloading of cells or tissue. The technology is designed to reduce surgical trauma and maximize transplant viability during surgical manipulation. The advantage of this new device is the ability to safely and accurately deliver cells and tissue for subretinal transplantation. Implantation of the cells and tissue with proper orientation is critical to maintain the health and integrity of the cells and/or tissue and ensure proper integration of the transplanted cells. The technology is designed to facilitate grabbing, loading, and transferring of a tissue graft with the help of an asymmetric tab to help orient the tissue. Additionally, the device allows for smaller incisions, minimal trauma to the retinal tissue, and controlled injection speed with no fluid reflux.

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