3D Printed Eyeglasses for Dry Eye Disease


Background on CU4886H
Dry eye disease affects millions of individuals in the US. The disease is characterized by reduced tear film production by the meibomian glands with repeated cycles of inflammation causing ocular surface damage. Standard of care includes using frequent artificial tears, applying hot compresses to the eyelids, utilizing humidifiers, and undergoing meibomian gland expression in order to restore ocular moisture. Eyeglasses offering “moisture chambers” are available to increase relative humidity around the orbit for individuals with dry eye disease. However, while effectively increasing moisture around the ocular surface, many individuals feel uncomfortable wearing these glasses due to their bulky appearance.

Technical Innovation
A team led by Drs. Stephen Petty and Cristos Ifantides have created aesthetically pleasing 3D printer eyeglasses for the treatment of dry eye disease. The glasses are custom made using a 3D scan of each individual’s face for optimal fit and comfort. The design forms a seal nasally, superiorly, and inferiorly around the orbit while leaving the temporal area more open to allow for air circulation and limit fogging during normal activities. The moister chamber is designed to be less obvious in order to increase social comfort for the user. Use studies have demonstrated that the glasses raise ocular humidity to therapeutic levels with a near complete reduction in the tear evaporation rate. The inventors believe that their dry eye glasses can reduce reliance on artificial tears and prevent inflammatory damage to the ocular surface while providing a stylish frame design.

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