VasaFast- rapid arterial access device


Hemorrhage is responsible for 40% of civilian trauma mortality and 80% of combat mortality. Obtaining central-vessel access is very challenging even in a normotensive patient. Hypovolemia, vasoconstriction and anatomic distortion in severe trauma make this task even more complicated. Trauma victims die from uncontrolled hemorrhage due to the lack of quick and easy access to either a central artery (to control bleeding throughout a central tourniquet) or central vein (to administer IV fluids and blood product transfusion). The development of a tool that can facilitate access to central arteries and veins will decrease overall trauma mortalities.


VasaFast is a patent-pending portable tool designed to obtain central arterial and venous access in less than 30 seconds. It is compact and can be used in the field to control hemorrhage and start therapies even before the patient arrives at a trauma facility. The tool is inexpensive and does not require additional imaging or sophisticated dopplers so it can be used worldwide especially in developing countries.


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