Personalized medicine assay for multiple myeloma treatment


A team of University of Colorado researchers have developed a novel, personalized drug sensitivity assay to assess whether a patient’s myeloma tumor cells are resistant or sensitive to commonly used anti-myeloma drugs. Mononuclear cells recovered from a patient’s bone marrow biopsy are incubated with individual drugs or a drug cocktail. Next, the test quickly determines via flow cytometry the degree to which tumor cells are sensitive or resistant to the drugs specific medications. Patient-specific information that is gathered from the assay can then be used by a physician to help guide a multiple myeloma treatment strategy either at diagnosis or for relapse.


Forsberg PA, Hammes A, Abbott D, et al. Cellular proliferation by multiplex immunohistochemistry identifies aggressive disease behavior in relapsed multiple myeloma. Leuk Lymphoma. 2019;1-3.


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