Novel System for Ultrasound Needle Guidance


Ultrasound transducers have often been used to position and place needles. Two systems are typically used: (1) a needle is attached to an ultrasound probe rigidly and is positioned via the probe or (2) a needle is detected by an ultrasound probe, displayed in the sonogram and positioned accordingly. These conventional methods have some drawbacks. Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed a new, three-part ultrasound needle guidance system which consists of an ultrasound probe with attached HD camera, a needle holder/guide and small computer system. In this system, the needle guide has a number of fiducials placed which are detectable by the camera on the ultrasound probe. As the guide and probe are moved relative to each other during the positioning process, the camera will take note of the location of the fiducials, allowing the software to determine the angle of approach and entry position of the needle and superimpose the projected needle position onto the sonogram image.

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