Connection to Health: Patient Self-Management Support System


Many payments for medical care are shifting from a flat fee for service to a value-based model . For many of these models, direct patient-provider interaction is a necessary fixture in reimbursement. However, electronic medical record (EMR) solutions are built for documentation and billing and do not support the type of collaboration needed for implementation of value-based payment (VBP). Bonnie Jortberg and a team at the University of Colorado in collaboration with the UC San Francisco have developed a digital health platform, called Connection to Health (CTH), focused on providing patients and providers a simple way to collaborate in pursuance of VBP. CTH’s main feature is an action plan generated through shared decision-making of the patient and their PCP to support self-management of chronic diseases. This collaboration is the bedrock of many VBP models and will help to increase reimbursement of quality of care. Furthermore, more informed and focused visits can increase efficiency and generate more revenue for fee-for-service reimbursement with more room for scheduled visits. The program has been validated in a random two-arm study in 48 practices in Colorado and California where patients showed a 1% decrease in A1C levels, as well as decreases in BMI. 


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