RNA Therapeutic Stabilizing Construct


­The recent introduction of mRNA vaccines has shown the tremendous clinical potential of RNA therapeutics. Unfortunately, most RNA therapeutics have struggled to make clinical progress because of their inherent instability. Many RNA therapies have failed to progress through clinical trials because they are rapidly broken down after administration. A team led by Drs. Jeffrey Kieft and Erich Chapman have created an RNA construct that can be attached to RNA therapeutics to increase their stability by protecting them from endonuclease degradation. Their technology could be used with nearly any RNA therapeutic to increase therapeutic efficacy and half-life. As a result, the proposed technology could be beneficial to an entire class of therapeutics that have, up to this point, failed to gain clinical traction.


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For Information, Contact:
Mary Tapolsky
University of Colorado
Jeffrey Kieft
Erich Chapman
David Costantino
Jay Hesselberth
Andrea MacFadden
Benjamin Akiyama
Disease Areas:
Infectious Disease
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