Susceptibility Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Single-scan MR Angiography and Venography


Currently, magnetic resonance data for the imaging of arterial (MRA) and venous (MRV) vasculature must be acquired in separate scans. The time to perform either scan may be relatively long, causing patient discomfort as well as errors in data acquisition. Furthermore conventional MRV displays the vasculature at minimum intensity projection (MIP) leading to poor data visibility. Dr. Yiping Du, an MRI physicist at the University of Colorado, has created a new technique for simultaneous MR imaging of both arterial and venous vasculature in a single scan using a dual-echo or multi-echo acquisition approach. This technology works using both pulse generator and data acquirer modules configured to generate a multi-echo pulse sequence wherein magnetic resonance angiography data is acquired from the first echo and magnetic resonance venography data from the second echo. This technology is further enhanced using an image-domain high-pass filter for improved visibility of venous vasculature.


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