Genetic Manipulation of Lymphocytes to advance study of immune system


Technology developed by Dr. James DeGregori allows for efficient genetic manipulation of lymphocytes, advancing the study of the immune system in HIV/AIDS, Type I diabetes, cancer, and tissue rejection following transplant. This research group has created mice and cell lines whose lymphocytes express a      truncated version of Coxsackievirus and/or Adenovirus (tCAR). tCAR is a docking protein that is found on the outside of cells which facilitates the internalization of adenoviruses, a common method of introducing exogenous DNA into cells. The expression of tCAR in lymphocytes is sufficient in facilitating transduction of roughly 71.6% of these cells via adenovirus. This technology could potentially lead to advanced treatments by pharmacological means or tissue-specific gene therapy. Other advantages of this new technology are the molecular analyses of gene therapy for the treatment of infection and disease, the ability to study multiple genes at once, and tissue specific study of lymphocytes.

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Regenerative Medicine
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