Non-Invasive, MR-based Diagnosis and Response Monitoring of Malignant Disease


A research team led by Lia Gore and Deborah DeRyckere developed non-invasive, magnetic resonance-based techniques to determine the presence of leukemia or hyperplastic leukemia progenitor cells. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) are widely used clinical radiological modalities and are highly regarded standards for detection and follow-up measurement of malignant tumors. With exquisite contrast resolution and ability to differentiate hematopoietic and fatty marrow, MRI and MRS are important techniques for evaluating bone marrow non-invasively. The method pioneered by Dr. Gore and Dr. DeRyckere involves comparing multiple MRI/MRS images of a patient’s bone marrow, taken over time, to quantitatively assess metabolic changes in the bone marrow that are associated with the presence of leukemia cells. Because metabolic changes often precede detectable changes in tumor burden, they are particularly useful as early indicators of disease and therapeutic efficacy.

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Doreen Molk
University of Colorado
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Natalie Serkova
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