Dendrimer Hydrogels for Drug Delivery, Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration


A research group has developed a novel method to synthesize dendrimer-based hydrogels with various controlled physical and chemical properties. Because of the high structural adaptability of these hyrdogels, they can be used in the delivery of a variety of therapeutics including hydrophilic or hydrophobic drugs, proteins, genes and other materials. The hydrogels have been developed to allow controlled release of materials based on the pH changes in its surroundings. The degradation rate of the hydrogel can also be controlled based on the need and use of the structure. These novel dendrimer-based hydrogels are able to integrate the structural and functional advantages of both dendrimers and hydrogels, allowing for controlled release of drug and gene delivery, tissue regeneration, and wound dressing.

For Information, Contact:
Mary Tapolsky
University of Colorado
Uday Kompella
Puneet Tyagi
Hu Yang
Christopher Holden
Disease Areas:
Regenerative Medicine
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