Medical Fabric with Integrated Shape Memory Polymer (Hernia Patch Improvement)


A research team led by Robin Shandas has developed a novel surgical mesh with automatic unrolling and tissue conforming functionalities that may reduce overall operating time and the likelihood of surgical complications in laparoscopic repair of hernias. By integrating a Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) into commercially available polyester surgical meshes, an automated, controlled deployment surgical mesh was produced. SMPs, which can be applied to surgical meshes using an ultra-violet polymerization process, provide tailorable mechanical functionalities. They are capable of active movement into pre-programmed shapes and can be compressed into a small shape and later unfolded into a functional shape using a trigger. The SMP-integrated surgical meshes developed are triggered by normal body temperature, allowing for easier placement within the body cavity and reducing the operating time of laparoscopic hernia repair. 





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