CUTO-3F.36 Sub-clonal Cell Line Expressing the MPRIP-NTRK1 Oncogene


CUTO-3F.29 Sub-clonal Cell Line Expressing the MPRIP-NTRK1 Oncogene


A group of researchers led by Dr. Robert Doebele derived a CUTO-3 immortal cell line from a malignant pleural effusion of a patient with lung adenocarcinoma. This particular cell line is a subclone isolated from a single clone. This patient’s cancer, and the cell line, harbors a previously unknown oncogene, MPRIP-NTRK1. This cell line is the only existing cell line that harbors an MPRIP-NTRK1 cell line and the only NTRK1 fusion cell line that was derived from a lung adenocarcinoma. This cell line is useful as a model system for NTRK1 fusion gene positive cancer for TRK inhibitors or diagnostics.


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