Evaluation of ovarian follicle integrity and oocyte quality by measurement of follicular indicators of endoplasmic reticulum stress


The median number of eggs produced in a hormone cycle for IVF is 9 eggs. Approximately 50-66% of women with fewer than 10 eggs will not get pregnant. Therefore, by determining the number of eggs at he time of egg retrieval, there is opportunity for intervention or for the women to decide to save money and stop the process prematurely. It may also prevent women from proceeding through IVF more than once when they would not be successful. This invention from the Johnson lab shows that a biomarker called CHOP can be measured in the follicular fluid at the time of egg retrieval in IVF to predict whether IVF will be successful. In a small study, it has been shown to be 100% accurate in predicting whether a woman will get pregnant if she produced less than 10 eggs after hormone treatment. Furthermore, this fluid is already typically obtained when oocytes are harvested so no physical impact on the patient is anticipated.

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