Lung Cancer Cell Lines with Specific Oncotic Drivers


­CU researchers, led by Dr. Stephen Malkoski, developed 6 novel murine lung cancer cell lines with defined genetic mutations that are capable of transplantable tumor formation in immunocompetent hosts. The cell lines include various combinations of tumor suppressor and oncogene genetic variants.

Mutant cell lines genotypes include:
1) KrasG12D.Smad4+/−
2) KrasG12D.Tgfbr2−/−
3) KrasG12D.Map3k7−/−.GFP+
4) KrasG12D.PTEN+/−.p53+/−.GFP+
5) Pi3kca+ .p53+/−
6) EML4‑ALK.

All cell lines have high malignant potential in C57BL/6 hosts murine hosts. Tumors produced by the aforementioned cell lines can be used to model biologically relevant tumor-host interactions and their response to immunotherapeutics.

Nolan K, Verzosa G, Cleaver T, et al. Development of syngeneic murine cell lines for use in immunocompetent orthotopic lung cancer models. Cancer Cell International. 2020;20(1). doi:10.1186/s12935-020-01503-5

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