Lipid Derivatives For Drug Delivery

A team of researchers, led by CU’s Dr. Dmitri Simberg have created nano-formulated, fluorescent indocarbocyanine lipids (ICL) to improve delivery of therapeutic agents to tumor and tumor-associated immune cells. The concept has been tested and validated in vitro and in vivo where the novel compound outcompeted DOXIL, a standard chemotherapeutic, in terms of penetration and accumulation in glioma models. Specifically, ICLs formulated in lipid nanoparticles or liposomes cross the blood brain and blood tumor barrier, and reach invasive cells. The extravasated ICLs accumulated in immune cells in glioma, as well as in tumor cells. Researchers envision that drugs and imaging agents can be conjugated to the ICL for efficient delivery to tumors as well as to skin pathologies.


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