Lipid Derivatives for Drug Delivery via Red Blood Cells


In order to overcome the issue of rapid circulatory clearance of some small molecule, protein, or antibody drugs, University of Colorado researchers have developed a novel method to piggyback drugs or proteins to the plasma membrane of red blood cells (RBCs). To do this, the research team synthesized derivatives of lipid-based dye and then subsequently conjugated a variety of cargo molecules. When incubated with RBCs, the lipid molecules decorate the RBC plasma membrane and the cargo molecules are exposed to the exterior. In one proof-of-concept study, mice infused with RBCs painted with lipid molecules carrying an antibody, cetuximab, had 5.5-fold higher blood cetuximab levels relative to cetuximab administered in its free form. Therefore, this approach has utility in preventing rapid circulatory clearance of potentially useful pharmacologic therapies for disease.


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