Novel screw-plate interface


Dr. Vikas Patel has created a new anterior cervical plating system for ACDF procedures that overcomes limits of the current standard of care options. Traditional cervical plates, although very stable, tend to be large and difficult to align during surgery, leading to unintended conditions like adjacent level ossification. The emerging plate-cage system does not impinge on adjacent vertebrae, but the steep screw angle can lead to back out and other issues. Dr. Patel¿s half-hole technology eliminates the extra material at the screw end of the cervical plate, giving the device an optimal, low-profile shape that does not encroach on adjacent levels while maintaining the same stability as traditional plates. The screw angles can be variable, and screws can be set before placing the plate, making alignment in the OR simple and accurate. Additionally, the design allows for stackability of single plates, further increasing the accessibility of the device by making multi-level procedures much more straightforward. This new plate with half-hole technology has combined all the benefits of current options without creating unintended consequences for patients and has the potential to transform ACDF procedures.

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