A Novel Non-Immunogenic Mouse Monoclonal Antibody that Recognizes Mouse CR2 and Inhibits its Function in Chronic Disease Models


CU investigators have generated a novel antibody that recognizes Compliment Receptor 2 (CR2). This antibody was raised in CR2 deficient mice and is non-immunogenic when administered in vivo. Importantly, the antibody blocks the function of mouse CR2 and can be used to study how CR2 receptor blockage modifies disease activity in proof-of-concept mouse models. Of note, this antibody does not recognize human or monkey CR2.


Kulik L, Hewitt FB, Willis VC, et al. A new mouse anti-mouse compliment receptor type 2 and 1 (CR2/CR1) monoclonal antibody as a tool to study receptor involvement in chronic models of immune responses and disease. Molecular Immunology. 2015;63(2):479-488.


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