NanoCardioLab: Exploring the Heart at the Micro-and Nanoscale


The inventors’ team, led by Dr. Luisa Mestroni of CU, has discovered that changes observed in neurons when exposed to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could be reproduced in cardiac myocytes. Their work has shown increased viability and proliferation of cardiac myocytes (neonatal rat ventricular myocytes, NRVM) when interacting with CNTs, as well as changes in the electrophysiological  properties of cardiac myoctes, suggesting that carbon-nanotubes may promote cardiac myocyte maturation. These promising results hold an extraordinary potential for innovative clinical, pharmacological and stem cell applications in cardiac disease.


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For Information, Contact:
Mary Tapolsky
University of Colorado
Luisa Mestroni
Laura Ballerini
Carlin Long
John Caldwell
Valentia Martinelli
Giada Cellot
Francesca Toma
Lorenza Zentilin
Maurizio Prato
Disease Areas:
Regenerative Medicine
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