Novel Compounds Show Promise in Treating Variety of Cancers


A group of researchers led by Lajos Gera and Robert Hodges has developed two sets of compounds: flurbiprofen analogs and silylalkyloxyaryl amino acid analog compounds that have proven to be effective against a wide variety of cancer cell lines. Both were screened using the NCI-60 cell lines, a panel of 60 diverse human cancer cell lines used by National Cancer Institute to screen potential new cancer therapies. The group has developed flurbiprofen analog compounds effective for the treatment of lung, pancreatic and head and neck cancers. The ability of these compounds to inhibit cancer cell growth and survival in a variety of cancer lines (lung, head and neck, pancreatic, brain and colon cancers, and melanoma) was examined in a standard MTT assay for cell viability; additionally, the efficacy of the treatment method was examined for both lung carcinoma-cell tumors and pancreatic-cell tumors implanted in athymic mice.


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